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HomeWarmth, Inc. is a Vermont company serving stove & fireplace dealers in New England and New York State.

The purpose of our Web site is to provide information to our dealers and their customers relating to the home & hearth products we bring to the marketplace.

Much of the information provided is not available in other places, including information on the product advantages, use, maintenance and installation of the products we offer.

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Harman Built Fireplaces

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Free standing stoves and fireplace inserts.

High efficiency pellet, gas, wood & coal stoves.

Central heating furnaces and boilers.

Wood, coal, pellet, and multi-fuel fireplaces with decorative mantels and trim.

Maintenance of Your Harman Product

Pellet Fuel & Harman Pellet Stoves
How To Find Your
Nearest Harman Dealer

Sizing & Installation Guidelines

Hearth Products & Barbecue Association

A Helpful Consumer Resource

RSF Woodburning Fireplaces &
Excel Chimney Systems

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