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Pellet Stoves

How Pellet Stoves Save You Money!
Pellet Flame

Heating Bills Blowing You Away?  Then consider wood pellets----an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money and help the environment!  Let us show you how.

Heat for less

With projections in the prices of heating oil and gas continuing to rise and fuel supplies uncertain, pellet heat provides a reliable alternative.  Pellet fuel is readily available and the price has remained stable for the past 10 years.  Currently in New England, pellets average between $160 to $220 per ton.  Homeowners are reporting great savings by burning pellets for supplemental, and in some cases, whole house heating.

Some homeowners have reported fuel savings of as much as 35% to 50% and the ability to recoup their initial investment in the stove within a few heating seasons.

Warm your home, not the planet

Wood is a renewable resource.  Pellets are made from 100% wood waste material from lumber mills and furniture manufacturers.  Using pellets helps reduce the costs and problems of waste disposal.  Each year over 6.5 million cubic yards of waste are diverted from landfills and converted into pellets for home heating.  By recycling this wood waste into a clean burning and high heat value fuel we are helping to reduce our overdependence on fossil fuels.

Pellet stoves burn very cleanly and offer the lowest emissions of unwanted pollutants of any solid fuel burning appliances.  Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellet burning does not create greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.  Burning pellets offers convenient heat delivered with environmental concern.

Cleanest alternative

Pellet stoves are much cleaner burning than even the best wood stoves on the market.  Very little smoke, if any, is produced and this greatly reduces soot deposits in the flue system that can lead to dangerous chimney fires.  Pellet fuel produces very little ash so cleaning is much less frequent.

Finally, pellet fuel comes in sealed plastic bags and is sterilized during the extrusion process.  This means that molds and funguses, commonly found on wood logs, that cause allergic reactions are absent.

Convenient & easy to use

Pellet stoves can be installed on almost any outside wall using a vent kit similar to a dryer vent or be installed into an existing chimney.  And because the heat output can be precisely controlled, pellet stoves will work equally well in rooms or to heat large areas of the home.  They produce a steady, even heat output, and require refueling only once or twice per day.  Ongoing tending of the stove is unnecessary since the stove automatically feeds the fuel to the burn pot.

What about pellet storage?  Storage of pellets is easy as one ton of 40 lb bags takes up an area approximately 4 ft. by 4 ft.

To find out more about pellet stoves and heating with pellets see Harman Stoves or Pellet Heat.

Harman makes the best pellet stoves in the world!

Harman offers five models of high performance stoves to choose from. Below are more details of each of the world's best pellet stoves.

Harman P38

The P38 is Harman's smallest stove model but don't let it's size fool you!  This P38 will out-heat stoves twice it's size.  The stove incorporates a unique accordion heat exchanger.  This innovative design adds a significant amount of surface area for heat transfer above the hottest part of the fire.  In addition the P38 takes advantage of the sides, back and pedestal of the stove for heat transfer and this boosts overall efficiency.  The net effect is that you will burn less pellets and get more heat.

The P38 also breaks new ground when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.   Most other brands of pellet stoves need to be cleaned every couple of weeks, but not the P38.  It only requires vacuuming every 4 to 6 weeks and then only takes a few minutes to complete.  Homeowners who have used other brands of stoves, and then switched to the P38 are amazed at the difference in performance from this compact small stove.  In New England this stove will heat up to 1700 sq. ft.* of living area.

Clicking on the P38 image will direct you to the detailed P38 section in the Harman website.

Harman P61

The P61 offers the largest heat output and widest heat output range of any pellet stove on the market.  The stove looks just like the P38, but is about two inches larger in all dimensions.  The P61 incorporates the same type of accordion heat exchanger as the P38 and even greater surface area.

What separates the P61 from the P38 is the onboard microprocessor. This remarkable technology gives you extremely precise temperature control.  The stoves computer is constantly sensing both flue gas temperatures and room temperature using a probe placed within the living area.  With this information the computer makes ongoing adjustments to the feed rate and combustion air so that the size and heat output of the fire correspond with the heat you need.  By using this advanced technology, the stove automatically adjusts for quality of pellets being burned and the heating profile required to keep your living area at just the right constant temperature.

Ordinary thermostats give you wave-like ups and downs and can't match the even temperatures the Harman microprocessor provides.  The technology is reliable and it works! The P61 will heat over 2000 sq. ft.*

Clicking on the P61 image will direct you to the detailed P61 section in the Harman website.

Harman Advance

What an appropriate name for such a great stove!  The Advance couples the heat transfer and computer technology used on the P61 with an auto-ignition system.  Other brands of pellet stoves offer auto-ignition, but the technology used in the Advance does much more then simply light the pellets.

The Advances on board computer is constantly sensing both room temperature in a similar fashion as the P61, but the Advance takes this remarkable technology one step further.   It lights itself and will automatically shut off when no heat is required.   This is a particularly good feature in the spring and fall or on a sunny warm day in the winter when you may need heat at night, but not during the day.  As your home starts to cool in late afternoon or evening, the Advance will reignite and bring the fire up to the precise level of heat you need. Your living space is never overheated and you save fuel.

No other stove on the market can give you such precise control and fuel economy.  There are other brands of stoves which turn on and off automatically, but don't offer temperature control.  The homeowner is forced to live with wide temperature swings and poor fuel economy.  Another important feature of the Advance is it's size and shape.  With the smallest front to back dimension, it takes up far less floor space than any other stove.  The Advance is a very versatile stove capable of heating one room or large areas. It will heat up to 1800 sq. ft.*

Clicking on the Advance image will direct you to the detailed Advance section in the Harman website.

Harman Invincible RS

The Invincible has been the flagship of the Harman pellet stove lineup.  It features the same computer control system that works so well in the P61 and the Advance, along with a cast iron bay window face.

The Invincible has a great track record heating many homes in New England.  One of the many benefits of this stove is that the stove only requires a thorough cleaning once per heating season.  The Invincible will heat up to 1800 sq. ft. of living area.*

Clicking on the Invincible RS image will direct you to the detailed RS section in the Harman website.

Harman Invincible Insert

The Harman Invincible insert features the same internal components as the RS.  To facilitate yearly cleaning and maintenance the insert comes with a frame you install in the fireplace and use to make the connection with the fireplace flue.  When cleaning is required simply unlatch and slide the insert out without the difficulties of removing the flue connector.  This innovative time and back saving design sets the Invincible insert ahead of all other inserts on the market today.  The Invincible insert will heat up to 1700 sq. ft.*

*All square footage ratings are based on conservative estimates in even the coldest New England regions. Insulation and how well air moves within the home greatly affects heating capacity.

Clicking on the RS Insert image will direct you to the detailed RS Insert section in the Harman website.

Harman PF100 Pellet Pro Furnace

The Harman pellet furnace features a two stage heat exchanger, which delivers exceptional efficiency and an impressive 85,000 BTUs per hour of heat.  The furnace is computer controlled and operated from a wall mounted control center that lets you accurately control the house temperature.  The onboard computer constantly monitors house temperature and adjusts the fire accordingly.  The Furnace automatically turns itself off when no heat is required and lights itself when the house requires heat.  The Harman PF100 is the only pellet furnace on the market which will burn either premium grade or lower cost industrial grade fuel.

Other great features of the PF100 Pellet Pro Furnace:
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit or as an add-on furnace in conjunction with an existing oil or gas furnace
  • Heats up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Hopper holds 165 lbs. of fuel
  • Requires no chimney
  • Super sized ash pan
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty construction built to last!

    Clicking on the PF100 Pellet Pro image will direct you to the detailed PF100 section in the Harman website.

    Here's why so many New Englanders choose Harman----Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change!

    That's what we say about New England's dynamic weather shifts.  Harman stoves are ideal for this climate and it is one of the reasons they are so popular.

    More heat when you need it.

    All Harman stoves have the horsepower to heat even in the coldest weather. Less heat for spring and fall operation. Harman stoves burn less than .75 lb of fuel per hour and this is ideal for spring and fall operation.

    Burn high ash pellet fuels.

    The fact is, premium grade low ash content pellet fuels are not always available. Harman's under-fire feed system will burn any quality of pellets reliably and without problems.

    Automatic temperature control.

    Five of Harman's models have onboard computers, which automatically compensate for varying weather conditions, house size and quality of pellets.

    Less cleaning and easier to clean.

    Far less cleaning and maintenance is required on Harman stoves than other brands of pellet stoves.

    Harman's underfire feed system---the best way to burn pelletized fuels!

    Harman pellet stoves outperform all other pellet stoves.

    Here's 7 great reasons why:

    1) Harman pellet stoves give you more heat, better temperature control and an unmatched level of convenience.
    Before you buy any other brand you owe it to yourself to discover why so many homeowners are choosing Harman over other brands.

    2) Harman Stoves give you more heat and better fuel economy.
    The fact is, most pellet stoves, which rely on an auger to drop pellets into a burn pot, cannot produce as much heat as Harman's underfire feed system.  Even Harman's smallest stove, the P38, out-heats the largest pellet stoves offered by other manufacturers.  In addition Harman stoves incorporate large heat exchangers which increase efficiency and provide optimum fuel economy.

    3) Harman's underfire feed system gives you a broader heat output range.

    This is very important because low heat outputs are required in the spring and fall and high heat outputs are needed to meet heating demands in the colder winter months.  Ordinary pellet stoves only offer a narrow range of heat outputs and therefore may overheat your home in warmer weather or not provide enough heat in the dead of winter.

    4) Harman has the best warranty in the industry.

    Harman's no nonsense warranty pays for parts and labor on all electrical and mechanical components for a full three years from date of purchase and the body of the stove is warranteed for 6 years.  This means you won't be saddled with extra expenses should a motor or electrical part need to be replaced.  Don't be fooled by "lifetime" warrantees. Read the fine print!

    5) Harman Stoves will burn any grade of pellets.

    This is an important feature and one that further separates Harman from the others.  The patented under-fire feed system lets you burn high ash or premium low ash fuels equally well.  You can be confident buying any brand of pellets available in New England.

    6) Harman are the cleanest burning pellet stoves.

    With pellet stoves providing the cleanest burning solid fuel available today it is interesting to note that in recent tests comparing the emission profiles of a popular drop-feed stove with Harman's underfire feed technology, the Harman system proved to be significantly cleaner burning.  This means the pellets are being burned more efficiently and that there will be less soot (hydrocarbons) formed within your stove and flue system to clean.  By providing this clean burning technology Harman offers an environmentally friendly heating alternative.

    7) Harman Stoves are the easiest stoves to clean and require the least mount of maintenance.

    You'll really appreciate this feature of Harman stoves.  Most pellet stoves require ongoing cleaning.  Some are so maintenance intensive that they have to be cleaned every couple of weeks!  Harman stoves do require cleaning, but the frequency of cleaning is significantly less than with other stoves.

    Why choose another brand!

    If you'd like to have this information on your computer, we've made it available in a Adobe Acrobat "pdf" file.

    To view this file which is in a "PDF Format", you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are unsure whether or not you have Acrobat Reader, try to open the file by clicking on the pellet stove below. If you cannot open the file, then you do not have Acrobat.

    Adobe Acrobat is available as a free and quick download. Simply click on the yellow Adobe icon shown below, and you will automatically be linked to the Adobe site to take the necessary download steps.  After it is installed, you will be able to view, print, and download pdf formatted information anywhere on the web!

    Download Free Acrobat Reader Harman Pellet Stove
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